We are three people enamoured by the postal system and the work ofall its members. We want to go about recognising and celebrating the vital work done by Royal Mail in a time where COVID-19 has increased the stresses these workers a collaborative approach to this project, we have indirectly been producing artwork with the postal system by placing loose art materials in envelopes and marking their abstract prints and impressions when subjected to the networks and cycles of the postal system. This is a celebration of the Royal Mail not only to acknowledge the increased dependence placed on them throughout the pandemic but, it feels potently commemorative at a time where the exclusive relationship between royal mail and the post office could be coming to an end. This is a celebration of the Royal Mail’s process and the quality of the service provided. The intricacies of the system all become visible by themakingofan impression on these pieces of art.Our exhibition of the Royal Mail’s finest creation starts here,and each piece of work is linked to co-ordinates on Google maps -taking you to the star of each artwork’s journey: the post-boxes, where you can view the artworks that also began life here.We wish to encourage further creative collaborative artworks by encouraging other patrons of Royal Mail to follow our guide and DIY collaboration PDF linked to this exhibition.